Between Waters


Give 'n' Guess. A game of giving and guessing crossword-style clues.
New game starts weekly.

Daily Cryptogram. Available in interactive or printable versions.
An alternative interactive format might fit better in some environments.

Daily Hangman. An interactive version of the classic word game.

Daily Sudoku. Get daily puzzles in either interactive or printable
format or get help solving puzzles you find elsewhere.

Probability Games. Can math be fun?

Tic-Tac-Toe. Choose either the classic version which you can never win
or try the new version which you can also never win.

Gaps. The game you can always win. You may also compete with other players.

Master Mind. Another classic logic game.

Sam Loyd's Trick Donkey. An interactive version of a classic puzzle.

Art puzzles. Simpler visual puzzles. (IE only.)

Motel Game. A virtual roadtrip.

Etc. More ways to use up my allotted Web space.

Current Status. What's going on at Between Waters.

Favorite Links. Places I like to visit online.

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